Volunteers are often the backbone of Community Passenger Networks (CPN) and perform a variety of services to help the Networks. Their reward is the satisfaction of helping others and the appreciation received for helping by their community and their local CPN.

Volunteers often assist with promotion, fundraising, sometimes office work (this web site was proudly produced by a Volunteer), vehicle inspections and driving.

Community Passenger Networks rely on volunteers who choose to give their time, energy, skills and experience to help others. Volunteers bring with them expertise, life skills, a broad and varied knowledge base. Their diverse cultural backgrounds, ages and levels of ability reflect the community they serve.

A mutual obligation exists between the Community Passenger Network (CPN) and its volunteers.  All CPN's recognise and reward voluntary effort. Volunteers do not replace paid staff. Like employees, volunteers can expect safe, meaningful work and well-managed workplaces with clearly stated rules, rights and responsibilities.

Legal safeguards are in place to protect volunteers carrying out their duties. CPN's trust the sensitivity and discretion of volunteers and their regard for confidentiality. They ensure volunteers are adequately and promptly reimbursed or subsidised for expenses incurred in the course of their volunteer work.


Volunteer drivers provide transport assistance using cars provided by their local Community Passenger Network. 

Destinations for client trips may include the following:

•    Medical and specialist appointments.
•    Daily living activities.
•    Shopping to local centres.

Drivers are usually only required to drive within business hours. Volunteer drivers are always consulted before a trip and always have the option of saying no as we understand that our Volunteers have personal commitments and requirements.

If You Are Interested In Volunteering

    Contact Your Local Member